Welcome to the brand new website of the Age Of Hope Child Protection Foundation. We would like to inform you that the pages are not yet complete, as the recent outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war requires immediate action, for which it is essential to launch the website before the planned date. Please ignore the minor bugs on this website, the staff of the WakeUpAgency are working on them.
Thank you for your understanding!

About us

In addition to organizing camps, we organize regular fundraisers with the help of our sponsors and partner organizations.• For several years now, more than 1000 children receive a Christmas present through our foundation through the „Thousand Children’s Christmas” campaign, which are delivered by our volunteers as part of the „Winter Tour”.• During the „Winter Tour+” at the end of January, we buy and collect durable food with which we can help about 200-400 families.• In the spring, we organize the collection of toiletries and cleaning products, which means support for child protection institutions and schools that are lackingresources. (6-8 institutions/year)• Every autumn, as part of the „School Supplies Tour”, we can make the start of the school easier for about 200-400 children.• Another regular and successful event of ours is the „Common Cauldron”, through which our partner organizations, workplace communities and groups of friends come to rural locations and also to Budapest to cook together. In the winter, we can provide 600-1000 servings of hot, filling food to our fellow human beings living in difficult conditions.• As stated in our Memorandum of Association, we are also prepared for unforeseen events. The volunteers of Age of Hope are ready to set off immediately, be it the flood, the snow situation, the refugee crisis. 

You can find up-to-date information and pictures about our programmes and campaigns on the Age of Hope Foundation’s Facebook page.